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Let’s get real: Going back-to-school shopping isn’t great.

It might sound exciting at first, sure. You could get a few outfits, a new backpack, but then you get to the store. All the supplies you need are sold out or not exactly what you are looking for.

And that’s when online students breathe a sigh of relief. Because all that’s needed for online school is a laptop and an internet connection.

There’s no need for textbooks, since they’re built into the virtual classroom. Heavy binders, note-taking tools, tissues, backpacks or whatever other random item on your school supply list won’t be on ours.

You certainly can have notebooks if you’d like. But that’s the beauty of it: It’s up to what you decide.

While you can study wherever you want, a designated workspace is always a good idea. It helps your brain know it’s time to focus. But it doesn’t have to be a boring place. In fact, adding a few personal touches will make the space more enjoyable as you study.

According to online students, these are the items you actually need for online school.

  1. A computer with internet. That one is obvious.
  2. A comfortable seat. Whether it’s an office chair or a bean bag, make sure you can comfortably sit for hours.
  3. A desk (or a bed!). Something that has room for you to sit down with a notebook and some other items.
  4. A snack to avoid getting ‘hangry.’
  5. Music to make studying enjoyable. Besides, it could improve your focus.
  6. Lighting in whatever form makes you happy. Lamp, lava lamp, Himalayan salt lamp, your choice.
  7. Something to stay cool or warm because you want to make sure you’re comfortable.
  8. Artwork hanging on the walls. This could be your own drawings or a favorite movie poster.
  9. A friendly feature, like a plant or your cat, to brighten the atmosphere.
  10. A personal item. Some students like to have their camera nearby, others liked to have their favorite sports drink.


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