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Myth One: Online School Isn’t Accredited – My Work Won’t Transfer!

Whether you’re a 6-12th grade student already interested in enrollment with one of our schools or just now learning about us, it’s important to know whether all your credits transfer. Nothing would be worse than completing a bunch of work, only to have to re-do it at a later point.

Rest assured that with our schools, all the amazing work you’ve completed will stay with you for the rest of your high school career (and beyond!). All schools under Elev8 Online Schools are accredited and aligned to state and national standards. Credits earned for grades 6-12 from our schools hold the same value as those from traditional schools and are recognized by high schools, universities, colleges, and employers nationwide.

Myth Two: Learning Online is Beyond Boring. A bunch of reading plain texts….

Let’s face the facts: Nobody wants to sit in front of a computer all day reading large chunks of texts or watching a 30-minute video lecture. Just like you would expect in a brick-and-mortar classroom, online learning should include different learning formats and opportunities to connect with peers.

At our schools, 6-12th grade students learn using a curriculum designed for the online experience. Each course is rigorous, research-based, and contains captivating multimedia elements to help you build critical knowledge and skills and become college and career ready. For example, if you enroll in a high school US History course, you will explore incredible topics such as US involvement in WWII with videos, interactives, graphics and more. You will also participate in discussion boards and complete projects to apply your knowledge.

Myth Three: Colleges Don’t Accept Credits from Online School

Just because you’re learning online, doesn’t mean the work you do is any less valid or important. For 6-12th grade students, our schools are ready to support you in any of your outside or academic goals, whether that means pursuing sports, careers you’re passionate about, or something else.

Our schools are fully accredited, so all your credits will transfer fully. They  are also NCAA eligible, meaning you will have the chance to participate in and obtain scholarships for college athletics.

Myth Four: Online Teachers Don’t Pay Attention to You as Much as Teachers in a Classroom

Every student wants to know that their teachers care. When not meeting with your teacher in person every single day, it may seem as though your online teachers aren’t “there” for you as much. But that’s simply not the case.

Teachers at our schools dedicate an incredible amount of time to ensuring each and every 6-12th grade student is successful and reaching their goals. They’re carefully monitoring your progress and looking at your work. In fact, the teachers at our schools are deeply invested and involved in your learning.

Now that you’ve had these myths debunked, what are you waiting for?

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