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There are a number of reasons you might be looking into online school. Still, switching in the middle of school year might sound overwhelming, but we promise it’s worth it and we’ll be there to walk you through everything.

Here are a few advantages to online schooling:


Individualized attention from teachers

Students at one of our schools often find they receive more personalized support from teachers and staff. Instead of a student competing with 30+ peers for attention in a classroom, our students can contact teachers throughout the day through several channels including emails, phone calls, live online sessions and instant chat. When they talk with their teachers, it’s one on one. That sometimes makes asking questions a lot simpler, especially when you’re not a fan of raising your hand.

You choose when and where you study

Another reason students choose online schools is to have more flexibility as to when and where they complete schoolwork. Those who are competitive athletes or musicians, or who have medical needs or family responsibilities, tend to prefer online education to better balance their lives. Online school is not easier, but the ability to complete coursework outside of the standard Monday–Friday 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. is appealing to many.

Focusing is sometimes easier with a more comfortable environment to study

With class sizes constantly increasing, there are students who find the noise and social aspects of today’s classroom too distracting. Online still allows for social interaction, but working online from home or wherever is most comfortable helps many students better focus on schoolwork.

Our multimedia-packed curriculum has actually been developed in this century

Unlike so many of those outdated textbooks, Elev8 Online Schools’ curriculum is fresh and engaging. Students learn the same required concepts as a traditional school, but they do so by watching videos, interacting with what they read and collaboratively discussing with peers and teachers online.

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