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There’s more than one way to receive a quality education.

Sometimes, circumstances necessitate an alternative. Other times, you simply want another choice. Either way, earning your high school diploma from home can be a great option.

When it comes to the benefits, we could probably make a pretty hefty list. But we’ve narrowed it to five of the top reasons to enroll at one of our schools.

Four Reasons to Make the Switch to Online School This Fall

  1. Our award-winning curriculum is unlike any other online learning you’ve experienced

For the students who get in trouble for falling asleep in class or those who found past online learning boring, we understand. In-person school lectures can get boring, and a lot of online coursework is not made to engage.

But as you know as the parent, an uninterested student is a disengaged student. It’s important to have a quality, exciting school curriculum to keep a student learning, and that’s where Elev8 Online Schools stands out.

Our schools have a curriculum that’s designed for today’s learners. It is just as rigorous as your old school, but we include games, videos, comic stories and more so that you can enjoy yourself while you learn. Plus, our teachers hold virtual class sessions where students get to discuss and learn together. These classes are always recorded so the student can access them at any time.

  1. When learning from home, you get to study from the comfort of, well…home

If your child is one who doesn’t like the burning stares from 30+ classmates that inevitably accompany raising your hand to ask a question, we’ve got them covered.

  1. Teachers are a phone call away. Or email, or text, or instant message

Our teachers communicate with each student personally via phone calls, emails, texting, school announcements and instant messaging so that you can enjoy easy access to homework help from instructors.

  1. School is set to your family’s schedule and needs

If you’re at a traditional school right now, it’s pretty clear what the schedule will be. There isn’t much room for families to travel, students with medical needs or students involved in a sport.

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