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At Elev8, we uphold the motto ‘You’ll Go Far,’ reflecting our firm belief in every student’s potential for greatness. This dedication to transformation is exemplified by our exceptional team of teachers, counselors, and support staff, who work tirelessly to empower students with grit and guide them toward realizing their fullest potential.

Furthermore, we prioritize the growth and development of our educators and support staff. Through comprehensive training in online instructional methods and trauma-resilient strategies, we equip our team with the tools they need to effectively address the diverse needs of our students. Additionally, we provide mentorship opportunities to new team members, ensuring their seamless integration into our program and fostering their success.


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‘Our culture is our success’ is a common motto at Elev8 which means that we give respect before its earned.  Whether it be to a student, teacher or a fellow employee, our success at helping students graduate begins by how we treat them and how we treat one another.


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